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Everyone knows about advertising on the internet. Some people know that you can make money online well it just became easier to make MONEY while you surf the net.

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How does it work?

Here is a video explaining what to do:

Simple, all you have to do is SIGN UP HERE

You will see the following website. Click on JOIN FREE  Right top circled on the website

After you click Join Free you will see the Registration Page. Click Register.

Fill out the form and click register

After you complete the sign up proeces, click Login in the upper right corner.

Click on Download The Bar in the lower right.

Once the installation is complete, click Tell Friends to invite your friends. Click the invite tab to see your unique personal invitation link.

Click in the tab invite and copy your custom URL

This is the link you want to send to your friends

Follow these steps to request your earnigs from Get The Bar

Tips:How to make your Get The Bar link easy to remember.

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